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  • Empowering You

    IQYOU empowers you with the knowledge to take ownership of your health … to finally be an active and informed participant in your healthcare decisions … and to provide a closer, personalized journey toward optimal wellness – where you are now, where you need to be … and what it will take to get you there. Learn More




  • Dr. Pizzorno

    Dr Joseph Pizzorno, creator behind the revolutionary IQYOU system, is widely recognized as the global leader in naturopathic medicine. He has served on two White House Committees, and founded the first accredited university of naturopathic medicine, Bastyr, in Seattle Washington. Learn More



  • Revolutionary Science

    Offering a unique approach to personalized healthcare, IQYOU is a truly revolutionary breakthrough in the quest for optimal health. Cross-referenced with over 150,000 medical studies and 30,000 of the most relevant medical references, IQYOU utilizes cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence Technology to provide personalized health solutions based on your input.  Learn More