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How does the system work?

Simply Genius

The IQYOU “Smart Tool” is a HIPAA compliant system using the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology. You begin by answering a set number of questions. The logic in the system treats each piece of information as a statistical probability. This way, each answer is appropriately weighted for its overall contribution to your clinical picture. The A.I. logic structure compensates for missing pieces of information, filling in probabilities based on national averages. While the underlying logic and pathways are incredibly complicated, the system is simple to use and understand. It not only provides you with answers, it has been providing health professionals guidance for many years and is being implemented by physicians around the country.


Our Logic Platform A.I. System

The IQYOU logic platform is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence system. It is a leading-edge logic-based platform, which has been developed and refined by our team of doctors, scientists and developers over the past 13 years. The platform updates the probability estimate for a hypothesis as additional evidence is acquired. When the answer to one question is provided, a “Smart Branching Question” is then asked to further define the health output for a unique individual roadmap. "Smart Questions" are based upon the most relevant research and studies, which are updated routinely with new research. Because you’re unique and your variables changes over time, your health input will continue to recommend your best next steps toward your best health. The system will always recall the last input that you placed into the system so it's important to add new updates monthly to continue to manage your best health.  How Smart Questions work:



The Output

IQYOU is HIPAA compliant to provide, trusted, safe, health guidance:

  • Health Score
  • Health Recommendations Report
  • First 21 Day Quick Start
  • Customized Supplements
  • Diet Recommendations and Meal Planning
  • Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Condition Tracker
  • Symptom Tracker


The IQYOU “Smart Tool” provides individualized health solutions based upon your unique biochemical needs. It’s the missing link in healthcare to empower and engage you with your unique healthcare plan, goals, maintenance and feedback.


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