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Trusted and Safe.jpg   Trusted. Safe. Secure.

   Your privacy is secured. IQYOU is a HIPAA compliant system. The same compliance as mandated in the medical industry for your medical records.

   Additional measures are taken to insure your privacy throughout the process through two systems: 

    1). The Internal IQYOU Artificial Intelligence Portal - HIPAA Health Compliant

    2). The external IQYOU website, shopping cart, manufacturing process - SSL Certified.

The internal IQYOU portal holds the logic, the artificial intelligence, & HIPAA compliant security:
  1. Only you can access your information.
  2. You select your own username and password.
  3. Only your email and first name are used as an identifier within the system.


The external IQYOU website, shopping cart and manufacturing:
  1. For supplement orders a customer identifier number is assigned by the internal system to pass on to the shopping cart outside of the IQYOU portal (keeping your information safe within the IQYOU portal). No health information is passed through the system.
  2. We’ve protected your credit card within the shopping cart through Verisign, the most trusted security certification available.
  3. Our manufacturing only receives the unique formulation, name and shipping information and cannot access the internal HIPAA compliant portal. 
  4. Your unique formulation and description of ingredients remains within your HIPAA compliant IQYOU portal. Only you can access this information. Your supplement packaging provides the link to your password protected information on your unique supplement information.

The Trusted Knowledge Story

Dr. P in Dr. Office.PNGdr Pizzorno picture.pngDr. Pizzorno and his team at Salugenists, Inc. have been the key “thought leaders” of integrative medicine in the U.S. The “Smart Tool” portal has been his life’s work and passion to     provide a tool for consumers and for health professionals to create better solutions and better health outcomes. Dr. Pizzorno's background in research and in medical practice led him to  expand on the promise of Functional Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine. The key premise of Functional medicine is to address dysfunctions and deficiencies that can cause ill-  health, the precursor to chronic conditions and disease. By looking at an individual's whole picture, specific solutions can bring balance and optimal health to feel better, live with less  symptoms and live a healthier life. Dr. Pizzorno has impressive credentials including being the President and Founder of Bastyr University, being on advisory councils for congress and the  National Institute of Health (NIH)for efficacy and safety of supplements and in serving for two U.S. Presidential committees on healthcare as well as writing best-selling natural medicine  books including The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods and The Textbook of Natural Medicine.

By marrying scientific research, clinical studies and a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine, Dr. Pizzorno's team of scientists, doctors, and developers have been able to provide the  latest solutions in a simplistic way to physicians, health practitioners and corporate wellness clients. What are the results? The statistics for health improvement from this system have been dramatic. Over 4 years, 8,000 individuals have used the system. Average Health Scores have improved each of the last four years, with tremendous changes to individual health.

The system will change how we manage our day-to-day health. It will change how a physician treats a patient. It will integrate a long-term collaboration with you and your health professionals. It will save money, create better outcomes and provide the roadmap to live better. 

The Details:

  • IQYOU is HIPAA Compliant
  • Used by leading physicians, integrative physicians, naturopaths and chiropractors
  • $3M invested in development over the past 12 years
  • Cloud data input
  • Over 250,000 medical studies reviewed, system refers to over 30,000 medical references/studies
  • Lab test inputs and other medical inputs to further define outputs
  • Founded by thought-leading doctor appointed by the Bush & Clinton Administrations for Healthcare policy
  • Matches the unique biochemical needs of each individual
  • Provides the only on-line customized supplement program
  • Connection from the consumer to the physician portals
  • Allows consumers and physicians to focus on solutions and a connection to collaborate on future health.


Village Green Apothecary is leading a revolution in personalized health to empower consumers and physicians with customized solutions. VGA has been an integrative pharmacy, compounding lab and resource providing individualized solutions and advice since 1965. Located in Bethesda, MD across from the National Institute of Health, VGA has nutritionists, naturopaths, compounding chemists, lab technicians, pharmacy specialists and friendly service personnel supporting IQYOU. VGA began a partnership with Dr. Pizzorno to expand on the Corporate Wellness platform, which has had over 20,000 employees already benefit through the "Smart Tool" engine. Marc Isaacson's vision, President of Village Green, is to expand the same personalized individual solutions, which they are known for, to everyone through technology and supporting health practitioners. The introduction of IQYOU will enable the company to realize this vision. Mr. Isaacson led an initiative to create a manufacturing solution which would integrate with a never-before offered customized supplement solution, just one component of the IQYOU whole health system. With over 100,000,000 unique supplement combinations and individualized supplement packets for morning, lunch and for some evening, you can imagine the inventory of product formulation needed as well as the specialized manufacturing equipment needed to make this a reality. 

VGA Car.jpg

Dan Gay, Chief Marketing and Market Development Officer is an award winning marketing executive with successful upstart and business expansion efforts. Dan has collaborated and led the efforts with the Salugenecists team, to develop the IQYOU deliverable system and the integration of the custom supplement program. Dan's background in technology, business development and marketing working for Fortune 500 companies and in new upstart development have been invaluable in creating a "Whole Health System". The system extends beyond the IQYOU portal to include the automated delivery of content to help trade-in unhealthy behaviors for healthier one's as well as in building a new IQYOU video channel and the PRO version which will integrate consumers with their physicians.

His own chronic sinus condition led him to the field of integrative and functional medicine. After successfully eliminating this condition, through Dr. Rob Ivker's Sinus Survival holistic approach, he became a partner of the Sinus Survival Company and later led to the acquisition of Sinus Survival by Village Green. There he expanded the consumer offerings while creating an on-line self-help tool, providing the first consumer solution to VGA's personalized self-help on-line approach. This program has thousands of success stories from those with chronic sinusitis who sufferered for years taking prescripitions and elective surgery with no relief, until they followed the on-line program to address their underlying causes, versus the common approach of masking symptoms.

Village Green offers over 10,000 products including their own line of Pathway products and Sinus Survival products. The new IQYOU products are based upon proprietary products outlined and approved by Dr. Pizzorno and his team and manufactured and supported by Village Green Apothecary. The joint initiative between Salugenists, Inc. and Village Green Apothecary has brought this truly unique new offering, not available anywhere else, and directly JUST FOR YOU!


Integrative Holistic Medicine and Your Health:

Holistic Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine emphasizes the importance of “the whole body” and the interdependence of its parts. This approach to health yields results that you can actually feel and benefits that can last a lifetime. By taking simple steps and creating new habits you will begin to notice the changes. Symptoms may disappear, your sleep patterns and mood may change, you will have more energy and vigor and you might find that you feel like you used to feel years earlier.

By integrating over 250,000 medical studies and references into a predictive system targeting this “Whole Health”, the IQYOU’s recommendations can yield incredible health benefits.