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RESET, REALIGN & REBALANCE your body to get results you can really feel.

Your number of health variables is infinite. How can anyone address complex individual needs without an amazing scientific barometer to do so?

IQYOU provides a holistic interactive map to make significant health changes:

  • Improve How You Feel – Follow recommendations, set goals, health markers, tracking and feedback on lifestyle, diet, and exercise.
  • Address Current Conditions – to eliminate symptoms to feel better.
  • Raise Your Health Score – Knowledge is power, so is creating new healthy habits.
  • Reduce Risk for Disease – 70% of diseases can be prevented by targeting the underlying dysfunctions, which are the precursors to ill-health.
  • Address Nutrient Deficiencies - IQYOU creates the highest quality biochemically unique supplement pack just for you including the right nutrients, the right form and the right dosages.
  • Lower the Risk of Drug Interactions – Reduce prescription side effects and health risks.
  • Have HIPAA Compliant Peace of Mind – One place for you and your physician to access.
  • Collaborate with Health Professionals and Coaches – One connection point for on-going steps.
  • Improve Immunity and Nutrient Absorption - Eliminate Toxins and Repair G.I. Function.


Simply Genius: IQYOU is your individualized owners manual empowering your best health.